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From a Client's Wife

"My love one was facing well over 50+ years. This was effecting my whole family and i just could not even imagine the effect it would have on our kids. To us our life was over, it was devastating!! I was tempted to use one of the law firms that had more advertisements, more reviews and probably cost a whole lot more money but now i can say without a doubt NO ONE would have treated us the way RYAN BROWN did. He treated us like people who had made mistakes not criminals. Ryan worked day and even stayed up at night and worked through the weekends to FIGHT for my family. He treated us like family and was knowledgeable of the court system and how it works and if there's any kind of loophole he will find it.
Ryan Brown you're a reminder that there are still good people in this world. You did not have to do the extraordinary things that you did, but you did it anyway. And for that, I will be forever grateful!
Thank you for continuing to be there for my family even after the case was over. You have still responded to any text messages or questions that I have had even though I'm not client anymore... we are more thankful than you'll ever know for coming into our life. If me or my family ever needs a lawyer for anything else, you'll be the first person we call!!"

– B.B.