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Violent Crime

Violent crimes are crimes involving a victim that is considered to be hurt, injured, or assaulted. Many of these crimes carry significant penalties and will involve emotionally involved victims who are likely to appear in court and be cooperative in the prosecution process. 

What are Crimes Against People?

In short, these are alleged crimes that have a human being as the victim. Sex crimes are excluded are from this list and included on this page. Crimes against people are mostly violent crimes ranging from battery to murder to battery. They include the following:

How Much Time Can I Get?

This is very specific to the particular crime and how many counts of what you are charged with. A simple assault is a misdemeanor and the worst case scenario is 12 months in the county jail. Whereas, murder is a capital offense and could potentially result in the death penalty. 

Are there Defenses to Crimes Against People?

Yes. There are quite a few defenses that are appropriate to raise in cases like this. One of the most popular defenses in self-defense. In Georgia, defendants are given two chances to assert a defense like self-defense.

First, your criminal defense attorney can file a Motion for Immunity from Prosecution and there will be a hearing on this motion. At this hearing, there is no jury, and the defense has the opportunity to convince the presiding judge that the defendant was acting in self-defense. There is little to lose at these hearings, because even if you lose you are still presumed innocent and can proceed with plea negotiations or trial. If the hearing is unsuccessful, there is still another chance to claim self-defense.

Once the case proceeds to trial there you may once again claim self-defense. This time is a little different. At a trial there is a jury and this time they decide, not the judge. The stakes are much higher as well because at the conclusion of a trial the jury must decide whether you are innocent or guilty. 

What Should I Do?

The absolute best thing that you can do when charged with a crime against a person is to contact an attorney and let them evaluate your case. Let a skilled attorney determine the strengths and weaknesses in your case and determine possible legal defenses. Contact us today and let Ryan get to work for you. Don't Fight Alone.