Crimes by Government Officials

Prosecutors love the high profile case. Nothing is more high profile then "taking down" a government official. On a local level it is not unheard of for a city council person, commissioner, or other type of board member to be accused of violating the duties they owe to their constituents. 

Most of the crimes involve the transfer of money and the impact that transfer may have on the government processes and decision made by government officials. In a situation like these you will likely know that you are under investigation before charges are every brought. You may simply hear rumors or hear of someone you are close to getting a grand jury subpoena. 

When you dedicate your life to a career in government service your reputation is everything. It is critically important to get in front of these charges, develop a press strategy, and begin to prepare your legal defense. These charges need to be combatted before you are ever brought into court.

Public Integrity crimes include: 

  • Violation of Oath of Office
  • Bribery
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Bribery in the Legislative Process
  • Payment to Influence Action
  • Self-dealing
  • False Acknowledgement of Oath or Affirmation
  • False Certificate or Writing by Public Employee
  • Concurrent Employment in Two Branches of Government 

Get in front of these charges today. Don't Fight Alone. 

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