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Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

Ryan Brown accepts only criminal and related cases. He defends clients throughout the state of Georgia and works tirelessly to achieve the best results possible for his clients. From Ringgold to Carrollton and Newnan through Atlanta, to Augusta and down to Brunswick, Ryan vows to defend those accused of crimes no matter where their case is.

Our practice is devoted to defending those accused of committing crimes.  Sometimes this requires representation in criminal courts, civil courts, or administrative courts, but we are committed to defending the rights of those accused of crimes. 

Negotiation and advocacy skills are critical to achieving positive results and Ryan brings those to the table every single day. Our goal is to provide a custom defense for your case and achieve the best result possible. 

Read More About the Cases We Defend

  • Sex Crimes - some of the most serious crimes in the State of Georgia are sex crimes. Many require life-long registration on the sex offender registry and the potential for decades in prison.
  • Violent Crime - Violent crime can range from a simple battery al the way to murder. Perhaps the most common violent crime in Georgia is aggravated assault. The ranges of punishment vary greatly as do the defenses to these charges. 
  • Theft Crimes - There are many ways to commit a theft crime in Georgia. Shoplifting, for example, is one method. Theft by taking and theft by receiving are the other most common theft crimes in Georgia. 
  • Fraud - from misdemeanor forgery, to credit card fraud, to felony insurance fraud these crimes can come from many different circumstances. Depending on the circumstances you often see a substantial amount of restitution along with fraud crimes. 
  • Probation Revocations - Probation is a decent alternative to being in prison, but being on paper still is no fun at all. Your probation officer can have a tremendous impact on your life and can seek to revoke your probation. 
  • Gang Charges  - Gang charges are generally charged along with other crimes. Convictions for gang charges carry some of the most significant sentences and intense probation in the State.
  • DUI - DUI's can impact your work, your driver's license, and your liberty. 
  • Property Crimes - The most popular crimes that I classify as a property crime are burglary offenses. Arson, home invasion and criminal damage to property are some others. Restitution is a big consideration in these cases as prosecutors oftentimes seek money to pass along to the complaining witness in the case.  

What is the Next Step?

  1. Contact us - You can always reach us via phone, email, or text message. Our phone number is (470) 635-1725. 
  2. Schedule Consultation. We offer free phone and video consultations. We also offer in-person consultations for a small fee. You can schedule a free phone consult here.  
  3. Join our Family. When you sign up to represented by Ryan you are joining an exclusive family. Our clients become one of us, and we fight for them as we'd fight for our family.