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Edibles as a Felony

Posted by Ryan Brown | Apr 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

This blog by our Georgia Criminal Defense attorney Ryan Brown about marijuana edibles. As they continue to become legal and more and more states across the country, it is tempting, tempting, tempting, I'm sure to partake in some of the activities and indulge in marijuana edibles. However, you cannot do that in Georgia!

Edibles are still very illegal and very much a felony, no matter how much. When dealing with leaf marijuana anything less than an ounce is treated as a misdemeanor (unless it's being possessed with the intent to distribute), the same is not true when it when the THC found in marijuana is converted to something that is used in edible form. So, something like happy brownies or gummies or something like that will get you a felony charge in Georgia, they will arrest you and they will charge you with possessing a schedule one drug.

 While you're in Georgia, no edibles.

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