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Former Police Officer to be Arrested on Incest Warrant

Posted by Ryan Brown | Dec 04, 2018 | 0 Comments

Former Police Officer to be Arrested on Incest Warrant

It has been reported by the Newnan Times Herald that a Grantville police officer was terminated when the GBI obtained two warrants for his arrest. Grantville is a small city south of Newnan in the southernmost part of Coweta County.The report states that the Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney requested that the GBI investigate the officer. The GBI did conduct an investigation and were able to obtain arrest warrants on the former officer. 

The GBI obtained two arrest warrants for the officer. One for false statements and the other for Incest. The officer has been booked into the Coweta County jail for false statements, but has not yet been arrested on his incest warrant which is out of Pike County. 

It is important to remember that everyone person in this country is innocent until proven guilty and the same goes for this man. Many people, however, may see these reports and wonder what incest means in the eyes of the law and what kind of punishment someone could get if convicted of incest

So, lets go over some of those things. 


Incest Explained

So, what does the law say? First, it it should be pointed out that in this area of the law the term "sodomy" means any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another. Essentially oral or anal sex. 

Georgia criminalized any act of sexual intercourse or sodomy between the accused and their mother, father, child, or stepchild. Further any sodomy or sexual intercourse between both whole siblings and half-siblings is prohibited. Next, it is forbidden by law for there to be any sexual intercourse between grandparents and grandchildren, whether they be whole blood relatives or half blood relatives. Finally, it is prohibited for there to be any sexual intercourse or sodomy between aunts, uncles, and nephews or nieces, whether whole blood or half blood. 

Notably missing from this list in Georgia are cousins, even first cousins. Georgia has not criminalized acts of intercourse or sodomy between cousins. 

For a more detailed explanation of incest, please check out our page of Georgia's incest law. 

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