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Fraud Crimes

Fraud is the use of some form of deceptive means for one's own personal gain. There are perhaps more crimes in Georgia that can be considered fraud than any other type of crime. Some of these of misdemeanors and some are felonies carrying significant penalties. Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes, they include:

  • Unlawful Use of Financial Transaction Card
    • Financial Transaction Card Theft
    • Financial Transaction Card Forgery
    • Financial Transaction Card Fraud
    • Criminal Possession of Financial Transaction Fraud Devices
    • Criminal Receipt of Goods and Services Fraudulently Obtained
    • Criminal Factoring of Financial Transaction Card Records
    • Unauthorized use of Financial Transaction Card
  • Deceptive and Fraudulent Activity
    • Deceptive Business Practice
    • Hindering Enforcement of Security Interest in Property
    • Improper Solicitation of Money
    • Damaging, destroying, or secreting property to defraud another person
    • Telephone solicitation for charitable contributions
    • Fraud in Obtaining Public Housing or Reduction in Public-Housing Rental Charges
    • Obtaining refund w/ false ID
    • Unauthorized solicitation of peace officer or fire service org.
    • Prompt payment for the purchase of products or chattels
    • Credit Repair Service Organization
    • Foreclosure Fraud
    • Misrepresenting origin of timber or agricultural commodities
    • Unlawful automated sales suppression devices
    • Veteran status fraud
  • Altering or Removing Identification
    • Criminal use of an Article with Altered Identification Mark
    • Removal of Animal Identification
  • Motor Vehicle Emissions and Safety
    • Compliance of motor vehicles with emission and safety standards
    • counterfeit or nonfunctional airbags in motor vehicles; selling or installing a system that causes the diagnostic system to give an inaccurate report. 
  • Identity Fraud
    • Identity Fraud to Gain Employment
    • Identity Fraud
    • Attempt or Conspiracy to Commit Identity Fraud
  • Computer Security
    • Unlawful Deceptive Computer Activity
    • Unlawful Computer Control or Access
    • Unlawful Computer File Sharing

No matter what the charge, fraud cases often include intense amounts of paperwork and documents and the accusations may span weeks, months, or even years. It is critical that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. If you think you are under investigation, or if you have already been arrested, then it is time to contact us.  

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