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In Georgia Child Molestation Cases, can Forensic Interviews be Challenged?

Posted by Ryan Brown | May 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

This blog is about using expert witnesses in child molestation cases and other sexual cases involving children to challenge the veracity of forensic interviews. Challenging the forensic interview is critical to obtaining the fairest trial possible for our clients who are accused of abusing children. 

What is a Forensic Interview?

Briefly, a forensic interview is an interview of a child who is alleged to have been the victim of some sort of abuse, usually sexually in the context of our cases. There are certain different trainings and procedures and manuals that these interviewers are supposed to use, for instance, some interviewers use Finding Words or some other training like that. These interviewers are not some form of a lie detector test, right? They are just trained in how to question children. And sometimes the interviewers don't follow those protocols perfectly because they are under a lot of pressure.

How do we Ensure Forensic Interviews are Conducted Properly?

Sometimes, there are issues with how they interview the children. For that reason, we always recommend in child sexual abuse cases, that we hire expert witnesses to review those interviews and ensure that they were done properly. This is done to see if we need to challenge those interviews before a trial for their veracity.

When someone is facing decades in prison for child molestation or some other sexual offense, we can't have the trial being based on some sort of shoddy interviews. That's just not right. So we need to make sure we have people trained in talking to children and interviewing children reviewing these to make sure that they were done properly and according to protocol. Anytime we are hired on a sexual abuse case, we have a list of experts that we recommend that we get in touch with and that we like to consult with about the case.

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