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I've already bonded out so why did I get arrested?

Posted by Ryan Brown | May 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

This blog by Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney addressed the question of how there can be an arrest order or an arrest warrant for someone even though they have already bonded out on the charges.

We have dealt with this issue quite a bit, and as bad as it sucks it is not uncommon. It occurs when a person is arrested and taken to the jail and the judge gives them a bond. Then, later, the defendant is indicted by a grand jury and the prosecutors adds or enhances the charges.

How does this work? The answer is, prosecutors can add charges at the grand jury stage of proceedings that can require you to be rebooked, re fingerprinted, and potentially lead you to have to come up with a another bond.

One advantage to hiring a lawyer early in the process as opposed to later is that the lawyer can be familiar with your case and help you prepare or anticipate a possible bond issue.

Sometimes if you wait until the arrest orders are executed, it can take a little while longer to get the bonds taken care of. Other times, the prosecutors will agree to let you stay on the same bond or consent to a bond rather than having a hearing.

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Ryan Brown has always hated bullies. Growing up, Ryan took on bullies, fighting for those who needed his help. His parents always told him, "Never start a fight, but always defend yourself." When a prosecutor brings charges against you, they have picked a legal fight. You must defend yourself. P...


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