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Jury Trials Resuming after COVID 19

Posted by Ryan Brown | Apr 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

Jury trials are beginning to resume across the State of Georgia as the COVID vaccine begins to roll out. We expect many things to be different as we begin the trying cases again. Some of the changes we saw this month as we were inspecting a courtroom before trial were:

1. The Jury has been moved to the gallery where they can spread out. There are several seats marked off to ensure space is kept between the jurors. This particular courthouse used crime scene tape to block off space. We notified them that that was unacceptable because it created a prejudicial atmosphere. They agreed and replaced the tape. 

2. With no gallery, spectators are moved to a different courtroom where they can view the proceedings on a tv. 

3. Counsel tables are on opposite sides of the courtrooms, facing one another, as opposed to side-by-side facing the Judge. 

4. Maks will be worn it appears. We must wait to see whether or not the defendant will have to wear a mask (we would certainly object to that) and whether or not counsel will have to wear a mask when talking. 

Above all else, it is exciting that trials are back so that our clients can, again, obtain their day in court. 

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