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Men Rob Atlanta Pharmacy. What Charges Could They Face? Did you Know That Punishment Increases for Robbing a Pharmacy?

Posted by Ryan Brown | Dec 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

The VN Pharmacy in Gwinnett County, Georgia was robbed earlier this week. The video is exceptionally high quality and has gone viral over the past few days. Here is the story from Fox 5 Atlanta News. 

Many people may be wondering what kind of charges these men could be facing. Prosecutors are going to have quite a few options and will likely take advantage of all sentencing enhancements available to them. 

Possible Charges

1. Kidnapping - prosecutors could charge the defendants with kidnapping for dragging the pharmacist from one room to another. 

2. Armed Robbery - This is a classic armed robbery. Suspects use a deadly weapon (firearms) and take property from the immediate vicinity of the victim pharmacy here. 

3. Aggravated Assault - Suspects may also be charged with aggravated assault, however, if they are convicted this would likely merge with the armed robbery. 

Sentence Enhancements

In general, the minimum sentence for an armed robbery is ten years in prison (on which the defendant is not eligible for parole). But, when a robber takes drugs from a pharmacist and causes bodily injury to the pharmacist the minimum penalty increases to fifteen years in prison. 

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