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Property Crimes

Property crimes can be both felonies and misdemeanors. Property crimes include things as slight as a simple trespass but as serious as burglary , arson, and even home invasion.

This is a crime where, upon conviction, the prosecutor will likely require restitution be paid to the alleged victim. Meaning if you are convicted you will have to pay the person accusing you of the crime for any alleged damage. This is just one reason why having a criminal defense lawyer is so important. 

Property crimes include:

  • Home Invasion
  • Burglary
  • Trespass 
    • Criminal Damage to Property
    • Littering
    • Sign Posting
    • Hazardous, Biomedical, Egregious Waste
  • Arson
    • First Degree Arson
    • Second Degree Arson
    • Third Degree Arson
    • Arson of Lands
  • Explosives

No matter what the charge you may be facing a period of incarceration. Allow a criminal defense lawyer based here in Newnan, GA to fight on your behalf. Don't Fight Alone.