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Thousands of Coweta County Residents Driving with Suspended Licenses and They Don't Know It!?!

Posted by Ryan Brown | Jul 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

This morning WSBTV ran a story discussing the concern that thousands of Coweta County Residents may be driving on a license that was incorrectly suspended. Coweta County has also publicly acknowledged the issue. 

Coweta County State Court encountered a technical problem that incorrectly transmitted about 2000 records to the state inadvertently. In some of these cases, a license suspension was triggered. 

If you are stopped for a traffic violation and the officer sees that your license is suspended he is going to take you to jail whether your license was legitimately suspended or suspended inadvertently. 

Check Your License

Don't run the risk of going to jail for no reason. Take just a few minutes and check your license - it can be done online and is super easy!

Click HereClick Here and enter your Drivers License number to confirm that your license is, in fact, active before taking to the road again. 

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