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Troup County Superior Court

Ryan began his career as a prosecutor in the Troup county district attorney's office. So, he probably knows this courthouse better than any other. This courthouse is located right in the heart of downtown LaGrange. 


100 Ridley Avenue

LaGrange, GA 30241


There is a parking deck right there on the same property as the courthouse. So drive straight to the address above and you will be ready to park. There is generally plenty of parking, however, on a court date it can be incredibly busy. So, I recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled court time. 

Insider Tips

  • Arrive Early.
  • Superior Court is on the third floor. The stairs can be tricky to find in this building, so I recommend taking the elevators. You cannot miss them on the ground floor. 
  • There is a break room with vending machines hidden around the corner from the bathrooms on the third floor. 
  • Pack light! When you arrive you will have to go through security and remove everything from your pockets, so don't bring to much. 
  • Bring a book! Cell phones are frowned upon in the courtroom, and sometimes court can drag along. Bring a book or magazine to help pass the time.  

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