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J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC

Welcome to the Family

When you sign up with us you are joining my family. We want to live, laugh, love, cry and win with our family members. When someone is facing criminal charges from their government they deserve to be represented by someone who will fight and defend them as a family member would. 

A criminal conviction can result in prison or jail time and serious fines. It can affect your family, your job, your future, and your life in general.

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Don't Fear the Unknown in the Court System

I have found that my clients fear of the unknown in the justice system more than anything. It is by far the number cause of anxiety when a client comes into my office.

When people call me it is,  oftentimes, the first time they have ever called a lawyer - period. Placing the call itself can cause a certain level of anxiety.

Our goal is to shed light on the unknown. And calm your fears of the court system.  

Criminal Defense

We represent clients accused of all types of crimes in the state of Georgia, including but not limited to: sex crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, cybercrime, fraud crimes, gang chargesYou cannot come into our office and shock us. We are ready to listen, learn, look you in the eye, and begin representation. Let us fight for your rights, let us stand beside you, let us be your family.



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Get started today. Give Ryan Brown a call, get a Newnan criminal defense attorney on your side, and let him fight for you.

  • I Was Arrested but was acting in Self-Defense. What can I do?

    "Your bad night turns worse when the officer decides to arrest you..." There are specific laws in Georgia that set forth certain scenarios in which a person is immune from prosecution.
  • The Dangers of Social Media

    I have seen prosecutors use all kinds of information gathered from social media against folks in court. Facebook message threads (talking about buying drugs), Instagram pictures (of drugs and marijuana), Snapchat videos (of alleged gang activity), TikTok videos showing alleged gang sings are all just a few examples of things that can be used against someone in court.
  • How to Obtain DFCS Records in Criminal Cases in Georgia

    In criminal cases involving child witneses and victims, it is sometimes necessary to try and obtain DFCS records.
  • Getting a Speedy Trial in Georgia

    There are two ways to demand a speedy trial in Georgia. There is a Constitutional speedy trial demand and a statutory speedy trial demand. One of them comes from rights given to you by the Constitution and the other comes from a law passed by the Georgia legislature giving you the right to demand...
  • How Can I be Prosecuted if the State has No Evidence?

    Different Ways for Arrest to Occur Warrantless Arrest - Under certain situations cops can make arrests without a warrant. They are allowed to make arrests if an alleged offense is committed in the officer's presence or within the officers' immediate knowledge, or if the alleged offender is trying to escape, or if the officer believes that an act of family violence occurred, or "for other cause there is likely to be failure of justice of want of a judicial officer to issue a warrant. So, the sad reality is that cops can essentially arrest anyone, at any time, for anything without a warrant if they are willing to sign their name to an affidavit saying it happened. Warrant for Arrest - A lot of times officers do get a warrant for someone's arrest. This happens when an officer goes to a judge and explains to them their side of the story as to what happened (of course we don't get to go and present our side). Once that arrest warrant is issued the warrant will be placed into a system maintained by the GBI and eventually you will be arrested on that warrant. Grand Jury Indicts - Sometimes, often in serious cases, there will be no warrant issued until a grand jury considers a case. More on grand juries here. When a grand jury finds probable cause, and they almost always do because, once again, we can't go and present our side of the story. A judge will sign an arrest order that orders you be arrested.

Free Consultation

Ryan Brown is ready to begin defending you and your rights today. The best defense is one that begins as early as possible. Prosecutors don't take days off and neither should you. Let us get started. Call today for a free consultation.

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Ryan Brown represents clients throughout the state. He primarily serves the following counties: Coweta, Carroll, Heard, Meriwether, Troup, Haralson, Fayette, Fulton, Muscogee, Spalding, Pike, Lamar, Upson, Butts

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