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J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC

Welcome to the Family

Our mission is to stand out from every single other law firm. We seek to do that by creating a family atmosphere with our clients. We want to be there for you just like your own family is, or should be. We want to live, laugh, love, cry and win with our family members. That is what you get when you join the family. 

Ryan Brown travels the entire state of Georgia fighting for those accused of crimes. J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC is a criminal defense practice located in downtown Newnan, Georgia. 

A wise woman once told me that the key to being a lawyer is having clients. That stuck with me. With no clients there can be no lawyering. For that reason, we strive to take a client-centered approach to the practice of criminal defense in Coweta County, Georgia. We vow to provide a level of accessibility that is unrivaled. 

We represent clients accused of all types of crimes in the state of Georgia, including but not limited to: sex crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft crimes, cybercrime, fraud crimes, gang chargesYou cannot come into our office and shock us. We are ready to listen, learn, look you in the eye, and begin representation. Let us fight for your rights, let us stand beside you, let us be your family.


Focus. Focus. Focus. 

Ryan currently accepts exclusively criminal cases and related matters. He is passionate about representing those accused of crimes and believes the only way to provide a premier level of representation in Newnan and beyond is to focus only on criminal cases. 

Don't Fear the Unknown in the Court System

I have found that the fear of the unknown causes more anxiety in the criminal courts than anything else. When most people call me it is the first time they have ever called a lawyer period, especially a criminal lawyer.

The truth is that criminal defense is unpopular work (which I Love) and most folks have no use for lawyers until they need one. You should not  

Our goal is to eliminate the unknown of the criminal justice system and provide you guidance as we begin to fight the charges against you. 

Call Us Today

Folks often ask when they should hire an attorney. Generally its always better to have one sooner rather than later. The reason is that there may be time-sensitive issues that your lawyer simply isn't aware of based solely on a consultation. The things that tend to happen early on in the process are:

  • A preliminary hearing. 
  • A bond hearing. 
  • Discovery motions are filed. 
  • We can determine if private investigators or experts are necessary. 
  • We can answer any questions that the accused and their family already have.

Get started today. Give Ryan Brown a call and let him fight for you.

  • Tekashi 6ix9ine

    Tekashi 6ix9ine,  whose real name Daniel Hernandez,  rose to fame in 2017 after releasing "Gummo." He quickly found fame and money.  He then found himself the subject of state prosecutions and eventually a federal prosecution. He was accused of being a gangsta, then he renounced his gang affiliat...
  • Classifying Your Encounters with Police

    Georgia recognizes three tiers of encounters between cops and civilian people. 1) Consensual Encounters; 2) Investigatory Stops; and 3) Arrests. As you step up the tiers the burden on the government increases to justify the encounter. 
  • Do I Have to Give My Cell Phone Passcode to the Police?

    First of all, this is a great question. The only advice I will give is that if the police are trying to get your phone's passcoe then you need to call your lawyer. If you don't have a lawyer, then you need to get one.  This question is not easy to answer, but the answer is probably a typical leg...
  • Why You Shouldn't Eat your Weed.

    Eating weed will almost always make your situation worse. We can think of two reasons you should not eat your weed. In both situations, eating your weed will almost always make your situation worse. 1. Marijuana Edibles are a Felony That's right. When you take a misdemeanor amount of marijuana ...
  • A Cop Lied on a Warrant Application. Now he Faces Murder Charges. How does that Work?

    On January 28, in Texas, two people were killed in their homes during a "drug raid." Previously, in a search warrant application a  "narcotics officer" told a judge that a confidential informant had purchased heroin from the suspected home and seen a weapon inside. The officer was making it up.  ...

Free Consultation

Ryan Brown is ready to begin defending you and your rights today. The best defense is one that begins as early as possible. Prosecutors don't take days off and neither should you. Let us get started. Call today for a free consultation.

Serving the Following Areas

Ryan Brown represents clients throughout the state. He primarily serves the following counties: Coweta, Carroll, Heard, Meriwether, Troup, Douglas, Haralson, Cobb, Paulding, Floyd, Fayette, Henry, Macon-Bibb, Fulton, Muscogee, Monroe, Polk, Spalding, Pike, Lamar, Upson, Butts, Walton, Newton, and Rockdale.

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