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Theft Crimes

Theft crime may be the broadest of all the categories of crime in Georgia. There are numerous different theft crimes, but in general they all have one thing in common. For the most part theft crimes share that someone has accused someone else of either taking something from them or trying to take something from them. Theft crimes can range from a very low level misdemeanor to a felony requiring a substantial period of time in the state prison system. Theft crimes include:

  • Theft
    • Theft by Taking
    • Theft by Deception
    • Theft by Conversion
    • Retail Fencing
    • Theft of Services
    • Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property
    • Theft by Receiving Stolen Property
    • Theft by Bringing Stolen Property into Georgia
    • Theft of Trade Secrets
    • Refund Fraud
    • Theft by Shoplifting
    • Fraudulent Misuse of Moneys Received to Improve Real Property
    • Entering Auto with Intent to Commit Felony
    • Livestock Theft
    • Removal of Shopping Cart from Store Premises
    • Cargo Theft
  • Robbery
  • Piracy
    • Copying Sounds or Images without Consent
    • Display of motion Picture on Video Container
    • Recording Motion Picture without Consent
  • Chop Shop
  • Mortgage Fraud

One important thing to remember with these crimes is that being convicted at trial, or pleading guilty will likely require more than just the serve time or probation time. A conviction will typically require restitution be paid to the victim.

Restitution simply means that the defendant will have to pay the alleged victim money for whatever they lost as a result of the theft. Many times the amount of restitution is up for debate and, if so, then you have the right to a restitution calendar